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Hall and Kitchen Facility Rental

BQYC makes available for rental to the public it's large hall and full kitchen facilities. Great for a wedding hall too!
(Click on the photo to see a larger sized version showing more details)

These air conditioned Belleville hall rental facilities provide a comfortable and scenic venue for Wedding Receptions, Awards Banquets, Company Events, etc.

With a maximum capacity of 100 seated guests there is still room for a dance floor with mood lighting and a DJ or small band.

The hall.  Click for larger version.

There is also a large walk-out patio with beautiful southerly views out over the Bay of Quinte if your guests wish to cool off from dancing.

The view above is from the far end where the DJ, band or buffet is usually set up.

Round or rectangular tables are available and can be set up in any arrangement.

Note the bar entrance at the top of the photo, the kitchen counter pass-through on the left and the patio doors on the right.

The unique bar serves most types of drinks including draft Guinness. A variety of quality bottled wines are also available.

There are great views of the water and an entrance way onto the outdoor patio where more stools and tables can be found.

The bar.. Click for a larger version

The bar itself is half a hull of a genuine Alberg 22, specially commissioned for BQYC.

All BQYC facilities, with the exception of the outdoor patio area, is smoke free.

There is ample parking

Our modern kitchen has industrial sized range and dishwasher. These facilities can be used as DIY or with a caterer.

There is both over the counter and door access between the kitchen and the hall.

Pass through. Click for larger view

The kitchen pass though can be easily closed off with a counter-weighted dropping door.

The view of the hall from near the top entrance.

The hall. Click for larger version

The hall is oriented east-west with large south facing windows, all with views.

Note the large counter tops and many cupboards. There is a large selection of dishes and cutlery available.

Work area.  Click for larger view

The industrial dishwasher is to the right and can do a load in only a few minutes.
Ceramic floors making clean up fast and easy.

The ovens and range are large and of industrial strength!

Range and ovens.  Click for larger view

They have all been fully inspected and improved by the Fire Marshal.
There is a separate entrance to the kitchen from the parking lot.

Go to BQYC Calendar to see existing bookings.

For more information, rental prices or to make a reservation call BQYC, after 4:00 pm at:

Send an email to with subject line: "Hall Rental"

Club Members receive a 30% discount on rental fee for FAMILY events except during Christmas season.